Jennifer O'Connor in new iPhone spot

Jennifer O'Connor wrote a new song called "When I Grow Up" for the new Apple iPhone 5s short film "Dreams"  Watch it here.  Buy on iTunes.

New Jennifer O'Connor single out today, 7/1/14

New JO'C out today!

Stream "Where Is Your Heart" and "I Do"

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New Tim Foljahn single "Bird"

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Recorded at Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken, NJ by Tom Beaujour. Background vox by Amy Bezunartea. Bass guitar and drums by Jeremy Wilms. Song written by Alexa Wilding. 


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The Martha's Vineyard Ferries Mass. Grave - OUT NOW

Happy Release Day to The Martha's Vineyard Ferries.  

Buy the record today! 

LP/CD http://bit.ly/17Adzvo



Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1eWDPot

MVF's "Ramon and Sage" premiere via eMusic

Stream a second song from the forthcoming MVF record via eMusic HERE

We almost rented a storefront spot today. Who wants a record + book store in Nyack? Anyone? #recordlabelANDshop #nyack
Some #freeshows we are promoting in #nyack #prohibitionriver #jennifercastle #annapaddock… http://t.co/zUBtrC44fn
Tim Foljahn @timfoljahn #tbt summer 2013 hottest of shows at joespub #fuckinlovesongs coming in Feb 15 http://t.co/lvD6BUiRc7
What are you doing later? #thisiswhatyouredoinglater http://t.co/ADNZtmIyf5
What are you doing later? #thisiswhatyouredoinglater http://t.co/WVzXtdOpSW