Apple iPhone 5s - Jennifer O'Connor - "When I Grow Up" 



Marc Jacobs International - Adopted Highways - Daisy Marc Jacbos Tweet Shop


Eileen Fisher - Jennifer O'Connor - "Tonight We Ride" 



Starting Out In The Evening - Jennifer O'Connor - "Driving Through"

The Strangers - Jennifer O'Connor - "Hopeful"

The Sensation Of Sight - Jennifer O'Connor - "Today"

Think Like A Man - Jennifer O'Connor - "You Come Around"

The Lifeguard - Clint Michigan - "Hawthorne to Hennepin"



Amreeka- Jennifer O'Connor - "Here With Me"



Shameless - Tim Foljahn - "Bird"

Grey's Anatomy - Clint Michigan - "Hawthorne To Hennepin"

Shameless - Choo Choo la Rouge - "Black Cloud"

Sons of Anarchy - Choo Choo la Rouge - "The Relentless Money Love Blues"

Sons of Anarchy - Jennifer O'Connor - "The Church & The River"

Parenthood - Jennifer O'Connor - "Swan Song (for Bella)"

Parenthood - Jennifer O'Connor - "Another Day (My Friend)"

Private Practice - Jennifer O'Connor - "Change Your Life" & "Already Gone"

Kyle XY - Jennifer O'Connor - "Always In Your Mind"

The Ghost Whisperer - Jennifer O'Connor - "Always In Your Mind"

Harper's Globe -  Jennifer O'Connor - "Valley Road '86", "The Church & The River"

The Ununsuals - Jennifer O'Connor  - "Yer Copout"

Teen Mom 2 - Jennifer O'Connor  - "Why Don't You Do?

Underemployed - Jennifer O'Connor - "Swan Song (for Bella)




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